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North Island Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships

During the Term 1 holidays, the School's Orienteering team competed in the North Island Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships in Palmerston North.

The sprint race was held on the first day of competition at the Massey University Campus. This technical and complex map around the network of buildings posed a strong challenge to the competitors. The team achieved some top 10 results including Form 5 student F. C. Muthu placing fifth in the Intermediate Boys section, with Form 3 students S. C. Randerson and J. A. Strang placing eighth and ninth respectively in the Junior Boys section.

The Long race was held on the second day at Scott's Ferry. This was an extensive and challenging map, which required competitors to navigate large distances through soft terrain. The dense forest added further complexities to navigation and locating the required controls. Muthu was third in the Intermediate section and Randerson was fourth in the Junior section.

The relay was held on the final day. This year the course was set up with the same distance as a sprint. This made for a fast paced and extremely competitive final event. The intermediate team of Muthu, along with Form 4 students M. J. P. Burton and C. R. Carter placed fourth, while the junior team of Randerson, Strang and A. Li placed second. The second junior team of J. B. Clouston, C. L. Stewart and K. Z. Wang came in seventh.

The team would like to thank Mr Dyer-Causton and Mr Pope, and coach Mr Martin Crosby.